Materials and Product Marketing

The A.G.A. Civil Engineering Systems will quote for the supply of materials, their installation or for ‘turnkey’ projects. We hold stocks and supply the trade with a range of products for example:-

Product – A.G.A Gabions

  • Welded mesh zinc galvanised and PVC coated gabions
  • Woven mesh zinc coated gabions and PVC coated gabion
  • Bastion gabions.
  • Mattress gabions .
  • Trapezoidal gabions.
  • Bespoke configuration gabions.
  • Rock Rolls.
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Product – A.G.A Advance A geotextile reinforcing poor existing subsoil and preventing it from mixing with the good quality imported structure material. It limits uneven settlement reducing the risk of rutting or deformation developing on the finished surface.

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Product – A.G.A Advance HF This range offers offer grades of outstanding water flow and pore size characteristics that will satisfy even the most demanding hydraulic applications.

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Product – A.G.A GeoCell Soil confinement and reinforcement web to support a viable layer of topsoil on the slopes and banks of roads, railways, rivers etc. very effectively increasing the shear resistance and cohesion of the fill. Tree root protection mat: A.G.A. Geocell and A.G.A. TRPM 300 are combine to protect the root of trees susceptible to damage from heavy traffic, especially where Tree Protection Orders may be in force.

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Product – A.G.A EDPM Single-ply synthetic rubber impermeable membrane use in the construction of landscape ponds designed to, office complexes, golf courses and recreational parks. 

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Product – A.G.A Econ Blanket Provide the conditions for vegetation to stabilise soil. A mesh supporting  high quality natural materials evenly distributed and stitched to ensure the best possible results for slope stabilisation. 

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Product – A.G.A GeoGrids

Soil reinforcement for steep earth slopes, retaining walls and for the stabilisation of weak ground by supporting the penetration of soil/rock particles or other geotechnical materials through the grids apertures by interlocking the particles.

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Product – A.G.A TRM125 Blanket

Stitched erosion control blanket for effective medium/long term applications on steep slopes with moderate run off.

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Product – A.G.A. TRM350

Coir fibre matting stitched between high tensile strength UV stabilised PP nets. It provides the strength and longevity for it to be used for drainage channels, slop protection even where high flow or heavy runoff conditions are encountered.

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Product – A.G.A. TRM 700 & 900

Effective Turf Reinforcement Mat for erosion control and for the protection of the roots of under sown vegetation with high swelling capacity and extremely low permeability. 

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Product – A.G.A. Claymat

High Technology Natural Lining System that contains superior quality sodium bentonite clay that is characterised by high swelling capacity and extremely low permeability for containment structures of any size. 

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Product – A.G.A. Span

A special product for vertical bank protection made from strong UV stabilised yarns manufactured with a series of open pockets so that posts can be placed into them.

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Product – A.G.A. NP300

A high performance needle punched nonwoven polypropylene geotextile for protection, separation & filtration with excellent puncture resistance.

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